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Trademark Cancellation Registration

Materials needed
1. Letter of Authorization, stamped
2. A copy of Business License, stamped
3. Trademark cancellation registration application, stamped
4. Trademark registration certificate, original
[1] Professional analysis: professional consultant and lawyer analyze the case and make a cancellation registration plan.
[2] Preparing materials: after agreement to the cancellation plan, professional trademark lawyer arranges materials.
[3] Application submission: submit the materials as soon as they are completed
[4] Progress follwoing: consultant monitors the progress, and feedbacks the change to client
[5] Cancellation announcement, Trademark Office cancels registration
Cancellation period:
About 6 months after application submission, Trademark Office issues cancellation approval and makes an announcement

Advantages of Trademark Registration

  • Establishing brand effect

    Trademark is Brand,Easy for consumers to identify, fast market occupation
  • Brand protection

    ®Trademark protected by law
    To avoid vicious competition within the industry, to prevent the infringement of other enterprises.
  • Necessary qualification

    Necessary qualification for settlement in large supermarkets, regular online shop business platform and Media advertising, official certification for Blog, WeChat
  • Intangible assets

    As intangible assets, can be transferred, be inheritted, be invested, be mortgaged, etc Owning a high economic value

Risk for Trademark without registration

1、Malicious registration 2、User is not the owner of trademark. Misuse inevitable. 3、Trademark Infringement unadvoidable.

Registration procedure

  • Person to Person link

    One to one following
  • Trademark Design and Enquiry

    1 working day
  • Materails Submission

    1-2 working days
  • Acceptance notice

    Trade,ark Office within 3 months
  • Trademark Registration Certificate issurance

    Registration completion within 12-18 months.

Trademark application has the risk.Not all trademarks can be registered. We will carefully check before submission, and advise you to minimize the risk.

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