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Personnel consulting services

Due to China's unique and complex labor regulations, managing HR administrative processes can be a daunting task for any company.

Handling of staff induction procedure

Preparation of labor contract

Employment/ termination registration

Treatment of labor dispute

Social insurance registration

Salary survey and benchmark

Salary calculation

Management report and electrical payroll services

Individual tax services

Foreign staff work permit application

Foreign staff residence permit and wok visa application

Business visa


Enterprise legal consultation service

We deal with all the disputes following, including but not limited to the service of negotiation, mediation, settlement, litigation, arbitration, enforcement, etc. Also you can build a long term relationship with our legal team, we can provide different yearly legal service package.

We can provide legal counsel as following:

 Establishment, Alteration, Cancellation, Management,  Merger ,Acquisition 

Credits and debts: debt dispute, debt assignment, credit and debt litigations

Intellectual property: litigations on patent, trademark and copyright

Human Resource System. 

Contract Management counsel

Bankruptcy and Liquidation

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