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Select SHANGHAI JURU No worry for bookkeeping & tax reporting

  • Senior accountant services

  • Monthly bookkeeping and tax reporting
    Timely and accurately

  • To provide tax advisory guidance
    For free

  • Value-added services
    For free

Each company in China shall set up accounts and make tax declaration on schedule. If not, fines and other serious consequences will occur. And only those having obtained financial certificate recognized in China are allowed to be engaged in finance-related work.

How to do bookkeeping for you?

  • Clients collect receipts

    Before the 28th of last month
  • Send to accountants

    Before the 3rd of each month
  • Do bookkeeping

    Before the 14th of each month
  • Check tax with clients

  • Tax reporting

    Before the 15th of each month

Select SHAGNHAI JURU Full Guarantee & Safe Service

  • Qualified accountants
    Rich in experience

  • High quality, low price
    Transparent, beneficial

  • One to one following
    Understanding in detail

  • To treat information
    As strictly confidential

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