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Filing and Registration of Foreign Trade Operator

Required Materials
Signed and sealed Shanghai Foreign Trade Operator Filing and Registration Information Table;
Photocopy of business license;
Photocopy of organization code certificate;
Photocopy of valid personal identification of legal representative;
Photocopy of foreign-invested enterprise approval certificate if the foreign trade operator is a foreign-invested enterprise;
Property notarial certificate issued by the legal notary office, for an individual industrial and commercial household (sole proprietor); fund credit reference issued by the legal notary office, for an enterprise of foreign country (region) that completes the registration with the administration for industry and commerce according to law.
Application Process
The enterprise shall complete online the Shanghai Foreign Trade Operator Filing and Registration Information Table.  The enterprise shall, after completing online, submit paper filing and registration materials to the 1/F general service hall of the FTZ.

What to do after incorporation registration?

  • To open a company basic account

    1What is basic account?
    Basic account is company’s main deposit account for granting staff wages, bonuses and paying in cash.
    2To select a bank
    Different charge for different bank
    Contact us
  • Bookkeeping and Tax Reporting

    1Tax registration
    Tax registration within 10 days after business registration. Delay may be fined.
    2Monthly bookkeeping
    Monthly bookkeeping and tax reporting. No income, still tax reporting. Never forget!
    3Entrust us to do accounting, time-saving, labor-saving
    Entrust at once
  • Trademark Registration

    1External publicity, improvement of brand image
    Unique brand label
    2Asset value
    Symbol with significant features
    Trademark owner to be protected
    Register at once
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