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About Us

SHANGHAI JURU, a professional enterprise service organization, has been providing high-quality service to thousands of enterprises at home and abroad for the last twelve (12) years since its founding.

We provides a professional incorporation agency services in auditing, verification, financial outsourcing, company registration, tax consulting, personnel salary, management consulting and other services with rich management experience and extensive social channels.

The services qualification of JURU was approved by Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. JURU is also one of the founders of Shanghai Pudong Enterprise Establishment and Agency Service Association. JURU has been honored as the bid winning unit of purchasing agency accounting service from Shanghai Finance Bureau. JURU has also been honored as a model unit for Bureau of Civil Affairs in Shanghai Pudong New Area, Social Organization Service Center and Enterprise Establishment and Agency Service Association.

Our Advantages

First we provide an all-found service
To provide an all-round service to various enterprises not just provide one single service only for company formation compared with most other companies.

Second we have different position.
To keep pace with the times, make customized plans for different clients, have professional research personnel responsible for making researches on the latest policies, regulations as well as domestic news, and on this basis provides customers with the most appropriate suggestions as the case may be.
With general consultation, which combine company formation with legal and tax advises as well as website construction and promotion strategies.
We are a customer-centered, professional investment advisory firm. Our task is to maximize customers’ interests with rational investment plan, legal policies, reasonable tax avoidance as well as initial bookkeeping and marketing activities.

Thirdly, we are more mature, more reliable.
With extensive success experience, we have gained reliability from our clients as well as the governmental authorities, industrial parks and investment centers. Following the principle of mutual benefit, our professional dedicated team can accelerate our clients’ entry and growth in China.

Our Customers